Legal and Ethical Issues

Chairman - L. Flit (General Director of Nika CJSC)
Vice-Chairman – M. Shchukina (Director for Legal Issues for Passenger Port of St. Petersburg “Marine Facade”, PLC)

The Commission provides legal services to the Association, including free counseling about legal issues for Association members. It prepares sets of documents for the introduction of legislative initiatives. The Commission monitors regulations in the area of tourism. It also performs other activities in the area of legal issues related to the functioning of the CIA. In the area of ethics, the Commission develops minimum standards for client services and interaction with partners inside the industry, and is preparing the Association's Code of Ethics. It regulates ethical issues and quality standards.

River Transport Issues

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Vice-Chairman – 

The Commission carries out activities related to: the expansion of the market for river tourism; the arrangement of conditions for the introduction of new tourism products; the quality improvement of river tourism services, and other field-specific issues. Assigned tasks for the next year include the development of a water route for tourists between St. Petersburg and Veliky Novgorod, and preparation of arguments (together with the Commission on Legal and Ethical Issues) ahead of legislative discussions toward the simplification of navigation for small craft on the internal waterways of the Russian Federation.

Sea Cruise Tourism

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The Commission carries out activities related to establishment of the Russian cruise market – promotion of cruise products, an increase in the share of cruise tourists in the total tourist stream, and resolution of other issues related to sea cruises and issues of interest to the CIA. Key activities include interaction of cruise lines with Russian tour operators and agents, distribution of the tourist stream through agencies, and the search for mutually beneficial and equitable solutions.